Our Philosophy

Dr. Aaron Polk, DTI Dentures DentistDTI Dentures is recognized for providing patients with beautiful, comfortable, secure, removable dentures. Each of our patients is unique, so we craft dentures to fit your personal needs. Together, we can help you help you eat what you want, smile with confidence, speak more clearly, bite without pain, and prevent health problems associated with tooth loss.

What makes us unique is our relationships with global manufactures in all aspects of the dental industry from CAD/CAM technology, dental imaging software and material sciences. We are industry leaders and provide our patients the highest quality removable prostheses. With in-house printing and computer design, we deliver a premium product, hand crafted with the finest materials to fit individual patients.

Our philosophy is very simple. We create more than a denture; we create a better quality of life and the ultimate patient experience. We treat each patient as if they are part of our family, and we will work together to find the treatment that is most ideal to you, whether that’s a full, partial or implant denture.

Just because you have false teeth does not mean they have to look, fit and feel false. At DTI Dentures, we want to give you a smile so natural no one will know it's a denture and so comfortable even you will forget. Ask our team about all our denture solutions so that you can walk through life with confidence. DTI Dentures will guide you through the process, from the initial procedure to the final restoration of your smile.

DTI Dentures
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